Universal Electronic Temperature Control

Universal Electronic Temperature Control

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The 16E09-101 is a single stage electronic temperature control,

with a Nema 1 rated enclosure, and can be used for most

applications within the temperature control range of -40° to

220°F, (-40° to 104°C). The control has an SPDT (Single Pole

Double Throw) output load relay.


The control has user options to control differential, anti-short

cycle delay, set back, offset, alarms and more. It includes an

NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor temperature

sensor, and can be used with certain other NTC or PTC

(Positive Temperature Coefficient) thermistors that meet the

specified resistance vs. temperature specifications. See the

tables on page 7.


The control can fit many applications, which range from

refrigeration to heating due to the wide temperature range of

the control stated above. Typical applications include walk-in

freezers, beverage coolers, supermarket display cases

for flowers, produce, meats, convenience store refrigerated

cases, food warmers, boiler control, and certain industrial



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