100k Top Port Hydronic hanging heater, w/CORD, RHEOSTAT & THERMOSTAT

  • $419.00

 100,000 BTUs / 100 PSI 

Hanging unit heater for garages, warehouses, greenhouses, ect. Hangs from ceiling and uses hot water to heat your dwelling. Other Sizes available. Units plug directly into a wall outlet, and comes with Thermostat! Does NOT come with the mounting rods to hang from ceiling.  Fan speed can be controlled with a Rheostat, which is included.

New style makes your installation look much cleaner as both inlet and return pipes(The inlet/outlet ports are the same no matter which one you choose for hot or cold)come out next to each other on the top of the unit.  This also makes the units much more efficient because no air becomes trapped in the unit. 

These heat exchangers are to be hooked up to a boiler or a chilled water source. If using as a chilled water source, a drip pan will need to be provided by owner.



 Width = 19 ¾”

 Height = 16”

 Outlet Port: 1"

Depth  = 14” including fan

 Weight = 34 lbs – Shipping Weight = 43 lbs.

 CFM= 1,000



These are special in the fact they can be mounted either the typical way with threaded rods though the unit or mounted to bolt holes on the sides of the units.

 These units can be mounted in any direction and are complete with adjustable front louvers. All units have 1 inch copper inlet and outlets for high flow.

We provide a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defect.


  All hanging heaters come packed in foam to prevent damage during shipping. We are a well established US company with many years of experience selling parts and supplies to the solar and outdoor wood furnace industries. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about hydronic heating or cooling parts and supplies whether you bought them from us or not.

 LuxPro 300 Programmable Thermostat 5-2 Day

  • 5/2 Programming Weekdays and Weekends can be programmed differently
    · Easy to use Lux Speed Dial
  • Armchair Programmable
  • Separate Programs for Heating and Cooling
  • ETL Approved
  • Setting Range 45 Degrees F to 90 Degrees F
  • F/C Selectable
  • Temporary Temperature Override
  • Manual Hold
  • User Temperature Calibration
  • Power on/Off Switch
  • Adjustable Cycle Rate
  • Plugs into wall outlet
  • Compatible with Window Air Conditioners and Space Heaters that Automatically Restart After Power Reconnection
  • Normal 120V-15A Plug
  • NOT compatible with Heat Pumps, Gas, Oil, or Electric Furnaces, Hydronic Systems or Line Voltage Systems

***We will ship to Alaska/Hawaii...please call for shipping quote*** 


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