EZ Route Radiant Heat Accessories 12 Loop Premier

  • $107.00

This listing is for one 12 Loop Premier EZ Route Pex Tubing Accessory.
This product is all you need to make the routing of your pex tubing quick and easy!  EZ Route is designed for 1/2" or 5/8" tubes in unison.  A single channel will hold a 3/4" or a 1" tube.  Units can be customized for each job by using a standard utility knife or reciprocating saw to cut off the channels not needed.

Now a little about us...........

We are the largest manufacturer of insulated pipe for outdoor wood furnaces in North America. We also provide parts such as duct coils, brazed plate heat exchangers, tube and shell, hanging heaters, pex tubing, fittings, water treatment and test kits, etc.. Chances are if you need a part for installing your outdoor furnace we have it.

Since we provide parts for 1,000's of customers and dealers across the US we have taken great effort to only provide quality parts at reasonable prices. Many times parts are produced according to our specifications, and made to last. All of our products come with long warranties and we are willing to compare our parts to anything in the industry.

We firmly believe in customer service. All orders ship within 24 hours of being place. When at all possible we include shipping in our prices. We stock over $2 million in inventory to attempt to have all products available at all times. When you order from us it is not drop shipped from some warehouse, but comes directly out of our inventory.

We also keep tech support people on staff to answer any of your questions about sizing or installation of all of our products.


***We will ship to Alaska/Hawaii...please call for shipping quote*** 



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