1/2" Non-Barrier PEX B Tubing- 200' TOTAL~100' RED&100' BLUE Certified

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This listing is for TWO rolls of 100' of 1/2" NSF Certified Non Oxygen Barrier PEX B Tubing For Heating, Plumbing and Direct burial.

200' Total!

NSF Certified PEX tubing is made to the following specifications. 

NSF Certified 

OD .625

ID .485

Wall Thickness .075

Weight per foot .05

ASTM 876/877

NSF Certified for Potable Water

Not to be installed in Direct Sunlight

Made to ASTM specifications.

Rated at 100 psi at 180 degrees.

Rated at 80 psi at 200 degrees.

Rated at 160 psi at 73 degrees

Can be used with push style fittings and crimp style fittings

Made using the silane method (water bath).

NSF Certified Pex tubing is connected in 2 different ways.


Crimp fittings are the most effective way of connecting. This is done with a barbed fitting and a copper crimp ring. The ring is compressed with the use of a crimp ring tool. This method is the cheapest and best way to a connection and is the least susceptible to leaks down the road.

You can also use push-fit fittings. They are great for a quick repair, or a small installation project. They are however more expensive and more susceptible to leaks down the road.


Do Not use pex tubing for any of the following applications.

Anywhere the temperature could reach 230 F or more.

Not for use with steam.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Keep away from areas that are exposed to a flame or heat source.

Not to be used with liquids -40 F or below

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