Insulated Pipe 5 Wrap (2) 1" Oxygen Barrier (2) 3/4" Oxygen Barrier lines

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Price is per foot. Please be sure to add 5ft. on each end when measuring the distance needed for pipe.

Maximum roll length for this item is 350'. If more is needed, please call us to fulfill your order.

 This product contains:

5 - Wraps of Commercial Grade EPE Insulation

5" - Commercial Grade Corrugated Tile

2 - 1" Oxygen Barrier PEX Lines Red and Blue

2 - 3/4" Oxygen Barrier PEX Lines Red and Blue

2 - End Caps

1 - String

Test results for BHS Easy Lay Insulated Pipe test 12-30-2010

Part #


Length of Run


Total Temp Loss

Temp Loss per 100 ft

Temp loss per ft

Btu loss per Ft

Btu loss per 100 ft


BHS Easy-Lay 1" NOB Insulated Pipe with 3 wraps of EPE Insulation.

500 ft








BHS Easy-Lay 1" NOB Insulated Pipe with 5 wraps of EPE Insulation.

500 ft







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Common Questions and Answers:

Q: How deep should this be buried?

A: Only 18 to 24 inches is necessary unless it will be driven over. If it will be driven over it should be buried 3 or more feet or placed within a PVC tube or culvert.

Q: What is the string for?

A: The string which is included with every roll of insulated pipe can be used to connect a pull cord pull an electrical, thermostat, tracing wire or whatever through the corrugated tile.

Q: What is the outside diameter of the tile?

A: The 4" tile has an outside diameter of 4.7" and the 5" tile has an outside diameter of 5.7"

Q: What does "Commercial Grade Corrugated Tile" mean?

A: Our corrugated tile is DOT approved for commercial applications which means that it is thicker/stronger than other tile available to the general public.

Q: How should the trench for the insulated pipe be prepared?

A: The trench should be free of any rocks or debris. If available the corrugated tile should be surrounded by sand.

Q: What is the difference between "Non Barrier" pex tubing and "Oxygen Barrier" pex tubing?

A: Non Barrier pex tubing is used for "open" systems. Systems that are non pressurized. Those being ones that water will need to be added to periodically and that also require a type of water treatment. Oxygen Barrier pex tubing has a coating applied to the exterior of the tubing to prevent oxygen from penetrating the tubing. Oxygen Barrier pex is used for "Closed" systems. Systems that are pressurized and once filled do not require additional water to be added nor do they require a water treatment product.

Q: How is this product delivered?

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A: We always ship within 24 hours from when your order is placed and quite often the same day.

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