1" Sweat Mixing Valve for Heating ONLY

  • $195.00

 Mixing Valve With 1" Sweat Ports


HEATING ONLY! (Not intended for potable water usage

Teflon coated spool and body to prevent mineral buildup and extended valve life

 Lockable Handwheel

Nickel plated brass/bronze construction, EPDM O-rings

Constant Water Temperature under different operation conditions

Proportional valve

Straight thru design (hot and cold at same level)

Designed for easy maintenance nd element replacement

Union Sweat

Product Specifications:

Maximum Hot Water Inlet Temp: 212 degrees

Cold inlet: 39 -80 degrees F

Hot inlet: 120 - 212 degrees F

Mixed outlet: 70- 180 degrees F

Maximum pressure rating: 150 psi

Minimum required Temp Diff: between hot and mix : 3 degrees F

Minimum Flow:  0.5 GPM

Temp Gauge Adapter: Lead-free brass, EPDM o-ring



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