1" Pex-al-Pex Female Sweat Compression Fitting--Bag of 4

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 Pex-AL-Pex 1" FS (Female Sweat) Compression Fitting,

  Bag of 4

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NOT for Pex B Tubing, Use with 1” Pex-AL-Pex tubing only

Brass Construction



Simple and Reliable:

Radiant heat Pexalpex fitting system is as simple as it looks. All you need is a wrench to tighten the nut. Double O rings and a brass Compression ring insure a leak proof connection. Made out of solid brass these fittings are for long, trouble free service.


Product Overview:

 Compression fittings are designed to only be used with Pexalpex tubing NOT Pex tubing, for radiant heat and snow melting application.  The fittings are compatible with either water, or water/glycol solutions, fittings are available in a variety Compression x Sweat, or Compression x NPT connections.



  • When using sweat fittings, ensure that all O-rings and insulating inserts are removed prior to soldering.

  • If connections must be made in Temperatures lower than 30 degrees, caution must be taken to for a proper seal.



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