1,200,000 BTU Stainless Steel Tube & Shell Heat Exchanger for Pools/Spas os

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1,200,000 BTU Stainless Steel Tube and Shell

* Opposite Side Ports

* GPM Boiler Side - 30.19

* GPM Pool Side - 224.06

* Boiler Ports - 2" NPT

* Pool Ports - 2 1/2" NPT

* Port to Port - 25 13/16"

* Diameter - 5 1/8"

* Length - 34 13/16"

* Number of Tubes - 84

* PSI Drop Hot - 2.21

* PSI Drop Cold - 4.05

* Working Pressure - 80 PSI

* BTU rated with 180F Boiler and 80F Pool

This unit is suitable for pools/spas that are 103,200 gallons.

These heat exchangers are constructed with a stainless steel 316L shell and stainless steel 316L corrugated inner tubes to ensure high velocities inside the unit.

This is a very reliable, efficient and cost effective way to transfer heat indirectly between any boiler circuit and any pool or spa circuit.

The units are designed for both horizontal and vertical mounting.  Port sizes: (to/from Boiler) 2" - (to/from Pool) 2 1/2".

It is recommended to always install the unit with the mounting bracket (mounting brackets included with each unit) fixed to a wall, and/or ceiling or floor to prevent water hammer or vibrations which could damage the unit. 

IMPORTANT!!  Always install the Stainless Steel Pool & Spa Heat Exchanger in a counter flow pattern.

The units should be installed downstream of the filtration and pumping equipment.  The boiler water must be assisted and the usual precautions taken to prevent air locks.

The pool water pump should be controlled by a thermostat in the pool pipe work before the heat exchanger and set at the required temperature.

Stainless Steel Pool and Spa Heat Exchangers are not suited for saline or salt water environments.  For those applications please use one of our Titanium units.


1. For occasional (holidays & weekends) use pools we recommend a 2x output multiplier to obtain a 2°F/hr heat up rate;
2. Nominal values are based on 60°C temperature between incoming heating and heated water.

 Typical residential application:

- Swimming pools, spas heating
- Hot tube heating
- Floor heating
- Driveway snowmelts

Typical industrial application: 

- Oil cooling or heating
- Steam condenser
- District heating
- Transmission and engine cooler
- Boiler sample cooler
- Waste water heat recovery
- Industry process applications

IMPORTANT!! The following fluids are prohibited for use as a flushing agent for stainless steel pool and spa heat exchangers:

* Hydrochloric Acid up to 0.1% concentration

* Solutions the contain MCI

* Chlorides (MgCI2, NaCI between 0.01 - 1%, CuCI up to 1%, CaCI2 from 5% to saturation)

* Any fluid that will deposit alkaline residue or phosphorous

It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that all fluids in contact with the products are compatible with the construction material of the product, this includes operational fluids and cleaning fluids.

Corrosive environments are often a combination of chemical levels, flow rates and temperatures. Failure to ensure this will result in damages to the product.

We provide a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. 

***We will ship to Alaska/Hawaii...please call for shipping quote*** 

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