60 Plate 5x12 Water to Water Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger 1 1/4" FPT Ports w/ Brackets

  • $363.00

60 Plate Water to Water Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger with NEW STYLE MOUNTING BRACKETS. 11/4" FPT Ports

* 240,000 BTU *

GPM 21*

1 1/4” FPT Ports

* Dimensions – 5”x12”x6”

* Pressure Drop .56

These are true 5" x 12" Units, if hooking up to an indoor boiler do not settle for anything smaller in width or length.

These are made of 304L Stainless Steel and are UL listed. These are an expensive item and no reason to have to replace them sooner than needed.

Not to be used for transferring steam!

We provide a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.  

Brazed plate heat exchanger 
Plate material: stainless steel AISI 304L
Brazing material: Copper
  5x12 plate specs
Max pressure  652 lbs. per sq. in
Test pressure 971 lbs. per sq. in
Volume per channel (L) 0.05
Exchange area sq. ft. .417 per plate
Max Temperature 437F

These are used for transferring heat from one hot water source to another without mixing the two different water sources.  For example when hooking up a non pressurized furnace to an indoor boiler or for heating cold water before it goes into the hot water heater to eliminate the need for fuel to power your water heater.

They are good  for preheating water to water heaters and for transferring heat from an outdoor furnace or solar system to an indoor boiler.  Other uses  for them include transferring heat from hot oil or cooling milk off a milk pipeline.

Sizing your plate depends on several factors.  Plates have BTU ratings of approximately 4,000  BTU per plate, ie a 10 plate is 40,000 BTU and  a 40 plate is 160,000 BTU.  These ratings work very well for infloor heating, but if you are hooking to an indoor boiler you will want to use a larger plate to do the  same thing.  A good rule of thumb is to look at the rating plate on your indoor boiler and find the BTU rating for it.  Then add 50% to that and use that for the BTU rating to select your plate.  Another way to figure plate size is 10 plates for every 500 square feet.

Plates should be mounted vertically but can be placed horizontally if space does not allow.

All plates come packed in foam to prevent damage during shipping.  We are a well established US company with many years of experience selling parts and supplies to the solar and outdoor wood furnace industries.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about hydronic heating or cooling parts and supplies whether you bought them from us or not.

This plate was designed here in the United States.  It is being built under our contract, overseas to our strict standards.  You will find that most of the heat exchangers you find being sold on other websites have been manufactured overseas or in Mexico.  (You can almost guarantee if you are paying less than double our price it was not manufactured in the US with US workers.)

All plates come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. 

***We will ship to Alaska/Hawaii...please call for shipping quote*** 



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