3 speed Circulating Pump With Cord 20 GPM with (2) 3/4" Flanged Ball Valves

  • $215.28

Our Private Labeled 3 Speed Pumps are an Excellent Product at a Great Price!!! 

The 20 GPM Badger Circulating Pump With Cord, With (2) 3/4" Flanged Ball Valves offers:

* Removable Check Valve  * Rotor Bleed Screw * 3 Speed ( Low, Med, High ) * Ceramic Shaft * 2 year warranty *Flow range: 0-20 U. S. GPM *Head range: 0-22Feet *(2) 3/4" Flanged Ball Valves






These pumps are UL listed. Approved for North American installations.

Operation Conditions

* Ambient temperature: Max. 104°F (40 ) C

* Liquid temperature: 36°F (2 )C  ~ 230°F (110 ) C

* System pressure: Max. 145 psi.


* The main parts of the pump include: pump body, impeller, stator, rotor, shielded sets, and vent plug.

* The pump does not use mechanical seal; stator and rotor are sealed with stainless steel.

The overall pump structure is sealed with two heat-resistant rubber gaskets to avoid leakage.

* The pump bearing is lubricated and cooled by the pumped water.

** Pump shaft must be installed horizontally.*

Interchanges with Grundfos 15-58, Taco 008, Wilo Star 21, Wasser GPD06 and others.

***We will ship to Alaska/Hawaii...please call for shipping quote*** 


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