1 1/2" Pex crimp Clamps for Pex crimp fittings no special tools--Bag of 10

  • $20.00

Stainless steel Clamps for 1 1/2" Pex

Bag of 10 

They do not require any special tools.  

Disclaimer: These clamps are recommended for a temporary use, Crimp rings are the best choice, however, you may need to apply heat to get these to seal properly, and tighten as needed to secure a snug fit.

These fittings will work with 1 1/2" Pex Fittings.


 Pipe Clamps:

These stainless steel pipe clamps are for 1 1/2" pex fittings. No special crimp tool required. These clamps are 100% stainless steel including the band and bolt!  Great for the self-installer.  Just uses an Allen wrench to adjust and tighten.

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